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Re: Star Trek TNG Remastered?

Hum...the early score was mostly orchestral with some synthesizer for flavor...And it was hardly awful, the early years *had* the best scores. Dennis McCarthy and Ron Jones in full strenght before they were neutered and eventually fired in the case of Jones...
There are *some* scores were Jones used more synthesizer than usual (specially in late Season 1 and early Season 3), but we are talking about the man which delivered masterpiece after masterpiece...
You didn't like stuff like the "Borg Voice Chorus" in Best of Both Worlds?
McCarthy rarely used synthesizer, the only cues I remember are from Encounter at Farpoint...
Jay Chattaway would also use synthesizer during all the years of his work so it wasn't a "early TNG thing" only...
Dennis Bell too I think.
And of course the master of them all, Jerry Goldsmith was quite fond of using synthesizer and if there's a man that defined Star Trek music it was him...
By the way, the only season of Star Trek that really used synthesizer scores, i.e. full blown synthesizer scores, was Enterprise's Fourth due to budgetary cuts. And it wasn't that bad...
I admit I tend to prefer fully orchestral scores, and some of those Jones' scores were borderline but I thought it was good nonetheless.
Just curious, which season of TNG (and/or Modern Trek) you consider had the best scores?
You read my mind word for word. I still cannot understand why people hate the synthesizer bits. Like you said, they had a full orchestra supplemented by synthesized parts. Most of the synthesis wasn't even hard synthesis, more like ethereal bell and pad sounds that complimented the series astoundingly. I missed the synth scores when they went away.
Funny how people give credit to a movie like "Forbidden Planet" for having a full synth score (which was basically a Theremin going "wooo wooo wooo wooo wooo" the entire movie), and TNG gets blasted for its minor use of synths. It IS a Sci-Fi series people, sciency instruments should be allowed (or do you want the Berman wallpaper themes all throughout the series?)
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