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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Guess I should of posted here first

Hi I am USS Dragon, but you can call me USS Dragon

I Love the site and reading all the posts from people passionate about all the different Star Trek series. I am curious though, are there any other people here that love "all things ST"?
Growing up I remember "playing Star Trek" at recess even as young as KG and 1st grade (that would have been in 1969-1970) so early on I enjoyed ST. I watched it when ever I could and by 4th grade I even had action figures, a model of the enterprise, a tricoder?, and a communicator in my room.
Be it girls or age I slowly stepped away from ST as I got older but would always watch a re-run if I caught it on TV. I just no longer would "seek out" the play times or stations of the re-runs. (of course only had 3 channels back then and 1 fuzzy UHF channel) LOL
Later in life I was overjoyed to hear about the movies coming out! I loved ST the Motion Picture and was not bored at all. I was just glad to see a "new star trek" project again! (I enjoyed the cartoons as well when I was younger). I loved all the movies Just because it was a Star Trek movie. Star Wars was fun to watch, it had cool stories and cool characters, but is was NOT Star Trek. Hans Solo was cool, but he was no Kirk! The M.-falcon is cool, but its no Enterprise! So while never shunning or hating other Sci-Fi movies, I just always loved ST more.
When TNG came out I was in Europe and did not get to see the early episodes and just like the original would never seek it out, but would be glued to the TV whenever I happened upon an episode. At first I thought I would not like it (because all the characters were different), but the Enterprise was still there, so I figured its OK with me too! Love TNG now as much as TOS. Unlike TOS though, I never saw every single episode of TNG (working on that now). DS9 and Voyager came out later, and was worried because the people would be different and No Enterprise. To my own shock though, I enjoyed both of those too!
I have all 7 seasons of TNG now at my home and I am watching an episode or three every day and loving it!!!! There are soooooo many shows I never even saw that it makes me feel like a kid on Christmas everyday
I cannot wait to find all the episodes of Voy. & DS9 to watch them as well; There are prob more then a 100 episodes of each of those that I have never seen.
When it comes to Enterprise, I have never watched even 1 show yet!! But I know in my heart, that I will LOVE it too!
Because I love ALL THINGS ST! (I don't know why, but I just do! No show rather good or bad has made me change my mind).

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