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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
And the risk of being 'offensive' again, I really do think some people are being oversensitive if they need to go picking at pronouns and sentence structure and the vividness of my metaphors to find 'proof' that I'm tarring everybody who liked the film. I most certainly think it is a bad movie, and I would indeed be willing to argue that many of its failings are technical in nature and not just individual taste (of course, techne and it's applicability also vary from person to person); but from there to getting all bristly as though personally insulted... I don't see it. If you spend your time being offusqued whenever someone dislikes something you like (or vice versa), you'll be permanently peeved. If you disagree with my assesment of the film, it seems the thing to do would be to answer on the film's merits instead of trying to deflect onto straw men of some kind of vaguely trespassed etiquette of expression. (Not that I'm actually challenging you to do so, mind; there are already plenty of reviews, here and else, effulgent in their praise of the film for me to consult.)

Fictitiously yours, Trent Roman
I don't care if you like it or not. And perhaps I should have taken into account the possibility of having "I" drummed out of you by years of scholarly ´nsistence (I dealt with the same thing for years).

Essentially, your tone was reminiscent (fairly or not) of several other screeds wherein the implication--when not outright stated--that liking the film is a legitimate gauge of one's intelligence is quite strong and "my cup runneth over". I've read your posts on other topics and while I've not always agreed with you, I'd always considered your viewpoints as articulate and respectful--ordinarily, I'd have granted the benefit of the doubt here based on that. However, a poster (whom I shall not name--not the appropriate forum for that) for whom I had similar respect with regards to posts on general matters has, on more than one occasion, quite strongly expressed the notion that one needs to be "less than intelligent" (a paraphrase) to enjoy this film. I find such an attitude condescending and my respect for that poster has diminished. However, I should not have let that cloud my view of your post by not giving you the benefit of the doubt.

As for why I like the film, I've stated it in several places and I have no wish to get into another long exchange at this time. Short version: my expectations with regards to Star Trek, in all its iterations, have always been geared towards "having fun" while I watch it. I also have a soft spot for it (as I do for Bond) as I came to it as a child, so I willingly dial down my "critical eye" a fair bit. If it's fun, that's enough for me--and this one was more fun than many, to me.
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