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USS Century, NX-90000. Commissioned 01 January 2400. First of her class, and first official timeship of the Federation. Equipped with a chroniton deflector, temporal shielding, and a phase cloak.

I'd been kicking around the idea of this ship and maybe a fanfic based around it for a while, but honestly the new movie throws the idea of timeships into a bit of disarray. For example, why would anyone go back to correct changes in the timeline if the original timeline is still preserved and all they will be doing is creating a third?
Trek has always portrayed time travel as doing both. Just say that sometimes it causes a new, parallel timeline to emerge, and other times it causes differences within your own timeline.
So, use the established concepts that are convenient to my story and ignore or retcon the ones that aren't? Now that's good Trek writing!
That's how it's always been done.
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