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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I did not feel particulary condescended to although uber fans might feel slighted. TR directed most of the hints of foolishness to the film and it's creators, I felt. Maybe I have thick skin because I'm old. Or maybe I'm old because I have thick skin. *goes away to ponder*
Well, some examples:

By the standards of the Star Trek franchise as a whole, however, it is a marked failure—it shares none of the qualities one has come to expect of a product bearing the Star Trek brand, and pales before its progenitors. If one had to come up with a single word to characterize this film, it would be ‘stupid’.
The use of "one" as a pronoun here, as opposed to "I", implies that the expectations Trent has of Trek are the correct ones. Ergo, if you don't share them, you're obviously not the same "quality" of fan he is.

it’s just such a shame that some are so large as to actively prevent the enjoyment of the film at critical scenes because of the bodily harm it does to the audience’s ability to maintain suspension of disbelief, and you just want to throw a shoe at the screen.
Another presumption that it is not possible to enjoy the film, as, clearly, suspending disbelief enough to do so causes "bodily harm". "You just want to throw a shoe at the screen" supposes that everyone does, rather than just him.

Making Kirk the captain—when he hasn’t even graduated, let alone worked through the ranks—is the stupidest, most asinine, gag-worthy moment in a film full of such idiocy, and only the fact that it was the ending of the film and this atrocity would only last a few more minutes keeps one from walking out of the theater then and there.
Yet more vitriol implying that the only reasonable response is his own.

I could highlight more, but this is sufficient to make my case.

I do not care that Trent did not like the movie. I don't know of any film where absolutely no one disliked it. I do not care that he found it particularly bad (as opposed to merely disappointing). I object to the implication that not sharing his views (and the implication is quite clear given the way he chose to express his objections as something broader than his own views) is a sign of being unreasonable.
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