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Could you have a USS Bismarck.
My understanding is that Otto von Bismarck was actually a pretty decent guy as far as statesmen and politicians go. The fact that the Germans happened to have a ship named after him during the Nazi rule is no reflection on him, any more than it would be a reflection on John F. Kennedy if fascists came to power in the U.S. and continued to use his name on CV-67.
Yeah, but the guy went around starting wars for the sole purpose of forcing the German states into joining into one German Empire under the control of Prussia. In other words, he was guilty of what we today refer to as the crime of aggressive war.

Not the sort of guy the Federation ought to be naming a starship after.


- USS Liberty, Galaxy-class - not named after the ship attacked in the infamous incident, but just after the idea

- USS Mandela, Sovereign-class - after former South African President and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela

- USS Bhutto - after former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who was, if Ron Suskind is to be believed, undergoing a fundamental change in political philosophy towards a pro-democracy POV at the time of her assassination, attempting to bring peace and democracy to a very troubled state; this name was actually given to a ship in the TNG novel Greater Than the Sum wherein it was a Saber-class, though it was destroyed

- USS Gandhi and USS King - named after Gandhi and Martin Luther King, respectively; these would need to be either science vessels or dedicated diplomatic aide vessels, though, since it would be pretty disgusting to name ships that engage in combat after dedicated pacifists

- USS Malcom X, Defiant-class - lotsa people hate him, but few activists were as forceful in their insistence for equal rights for African-Americans

- USS John Adams, Galaxy-class - My personal favorite Founding Father

- USS Sabato, Galaxy-class - named after Ernesto Sabato, famed Argentine novelist and the chairman of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons in Argentina, one of the first post-conflict truth commissions and THE first truth commission to publish its findings to widespread public consumption and influence in the form of Nunca Más, investigating the Argentine military dictators and their crimes against humanity during the Dirty War

- USS Alfonsín - this one is probably semi-controversial, but this is named after Raúl Alfonsín, the first democratically-elected President of Argentina after the military dictatorship lost power in the early 80s; in my view, this man saved Argentine democracy and set Argentina on the path towards bringing the perpetrators of the Dirty War to justice (even if he had to stop it from actually happening during his term to keep the military from staging a coup)
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