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Re: THOR-starts shooting Jan2010: Updates, Rumors & Casting till relea

Blessed has worked with Branagh a few times before, so this seems legit. Of course, it could also be that someone has jumped to conclusions because of their working history ...

I've watched Hiddleston in Wallander, opposite Branagh and I think he'll be a good Loki. His role in Wallander is a little thankless, very much the sidekick but he has a sort of John Simm/ David Tennant quality to him that makes you think he'll bring a sort of impish air to Loki. Even with a supporting role, you do get the impression that this is a capable actor.

Interesting that while there was some talk of Loki being like Iago in Othello, he's now being compared to Cassius in Julius Caesar. This is certainly not going to be a run of the mill comics adaptation - for good or for bad!
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