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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Well, that was dumb.
You felt it was dumb, that's not the same thing as the movie being dumb. People making a generalisation of their personnal opinion is tiring.

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I was recently dragged off to see the new, so-called Star Trek film. I had been unimpressed by the generic nature of the trailers, and having no interest in yet another prequel
Too bad because STXI isn't a prequel. It can't be since it's set in an alternate timeline.

Trent Roman wrote: View Post
In terms of background, I grew up with TNG, enjoyed, to varying degrees, DS9, parts of VOY and latter ENT seasons, but I never managed to get into TOS retroactively—too much cheese, too many retrograde social values—so I approached the film free of any nostalgic bias for the characters or the period.
Of course, the people who happened to like the movie (which isn't flawless, I think everyone agrees on that) must have seen it through their fan's rose coloured glasses.
Except that, reading the very beginning of your post and the words you use ("dragged off", "so called", "unimpressed") you weren't free of any (negative in that instance) bias either!

As for the rest of your review...I wondered several times if another version of the movie had been released in France.
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