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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Ah a welcome thread has inspired me to create an account so I can actually post.

Hello everyone

I've have been lurking on the DS9 boards for a few weeks now after looking around the web for somewhere I can actually read about the Trek series' and I eventually ended up here.

After viewing all Trek episodes & movies in the last 15 months I must say that I feel DS9 is by far the strongest series in that it feels the most real. I always got the impression that TNG was a bunch of people that 'worked together' rather than true friendships and it irritated me that most of the episodes were one off and that all the characters seemed fairly stagnant (not a great deal of real devestating changes) throughout the series.

I enjoy VOY for what it is, as a lot of the time it comes across as 'fun' Star Trek, nothing too serious, lots of action & a bit like old pulp scifi stories.

I really enjoyed Trentman's thread about the series as watching someone new to the series.

So hello all =).
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