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Re: Stephen King

Favorites (not in any order):
The Stand
Pet Sematary
Different Seasons
(All four stories are great.)
'Salem's Lot
The Shining
Night Shift
(I got into the final round of a Speech Tournament, by reading a 5 minute condensed version of The Boogeyman....or would have if the judge hadn't mixed up the ranking. How hard is it to read a set of directions and see that 5 is a top score? By the time the vote paper came out it was too late to protest the result as the final rounds had started. We know she got it wrong because her notes said that I was the best in all the categories.)
Misery - A classic. I think this is the epitome of King's work.
The Green Mile

I didn't like (Not in any order):
Rose Madder (interesting idea, but went to slow)
Needful Things
The Dark Half
The Tommyknockers

The other books of his I read come somewhere in between. I could never get into The Dark Tower series. Yeah, I've read A LOT of Stephen King.
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