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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

We'd have to replace the blackjack with Dabo, of course. And the hookers would need to be replaced with Dabo girls... actually, we'd just end up recreating DS9 again.

The Omega Directive (**)

On the surface this episode has a lot of things which should make it great, the omega directive itself is such an interesting concept that the episode could have been expanded to be an epic two-parter. It certainly deserves that treatment more than The Killing Game. But just by looking at the score you can tell I have serious problems with this episode.

Some people think that Voyager ruined the Borg in the later seasons, particularly during Unimatrix Zero and Endgame. Some think the Borg were ruined on TNG with Descent. Some think the Damage began with the introduction of the Queen in First Contact. I think the major damage to the Borg was done right here in this episode. I don't like the idea of the Borg being spiritual and seeking out the omega particle in order to marvel at "perfection". What made the Borg so cool was that their motivation was purely to assimilate everything into their collective, this religious BS about achieving perfection doesn't work for me at all. Seven's story in this episode failed for me because of this.

My second problem is that I just don't understand why omega is a big secret or why they are compelled to destroy it. I understand that it's dangerous and Starfleet don't want it falling into the wrong hands, but knowing that it exists doesn't mean that people are going to know how to make it into a weapon. I know that nuclear bombs exist, but I don't have a clue about how to make one.

And why does Voyager need to destroy omega? There was a risk that it would destroy subspace in the region, but Janeway's plan involved blowing it up real good and letting it destroy subspace in a particular region of space. They blew it up to prevent it from blowing up?

The whole thing is stupid anyway because Janeway's decision to destroy it is only preventing the problem in the short term, her failure to try and negotiate with these aliens means that they'll probably just create more omega particles within a year. The aliens need omega because they have depleted their energy resources, they're not going to stop just because of a set-back like this. And Voyager seems to have plenty of energy every week (unless the plot demands otherwise), Janeway could have agreed to give them some of their energy producing technology in return for stopping production on omega. They were breaching the Prime Directive anyway, so why not?

There's a good sense of doom from the episode, and a lot of good stuff early on when the crew don't know what is going on, but ultimately it falls apart.
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