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Re: Batman/Superman Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson

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Funny you should ask. I've already written the novelizations for both COUNTDOWN and FINAL CRISIS. COUNTDOWN comes out in July (just in time for Shore Leave!). I don't think FINAL CRISIS has been scheduled yet.

Thanks for asking!
Really looking forward to reading both of those, Greg - I've enjoyed your other books a great deal.

One of the criticisms of COUNTDOWN was that it didn't do a very good job tying in to the event it was...well, counting down to (that being FINAL CRISIS itself). Were you able to rectify (or even address) any of that in the novel?

To be honest, I mostly treated them as two separate projects. In the FC book, I sometimes referred to the events of COUNTDOWN, but usually in a kind of vague and unspecific way.

"Rumor had it Mary Marvel had surrendered to the dark side . . . ."

"Darkseid was believed to have been destroyed . . . "

That sort of thing. It was just simpler that way.
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