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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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I hope that one day we can sit down and have an honest discussion about Arsenal's culture of failure and its boy loving manager without you resulting to personal insults and making yourself look bad.
Write 1,000 words about why Chelsea did not win the Premier League and Champions League this season despite the huge sums of money they've spent without referring to refereeing decisions or other clubs just being mean to them and not letting them win.

And then, after that, name five Chelsea players younger than John Terry who are products of Chelsea's youth system without looking at Wikipedia.

Oh, and if you feel that I have insulted you, then click the report button. That's what I'm encouraged to do. I'm sure the fact that you were once a mod will stand you in good stead. In fact, perhaps you should ask for your old job back. That way you can't even get warned accidentally.
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