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Re: Could Star Trek V be salvaged

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To: Harve Bennett, William Shatner & David Loughery.
From: Paramount Big Wig
RE: Star Trek V Final Draft
Cute idea... it starts off like an actual memo, but gets too specific into things that a production executive wouldn't be able to anticipate. "Treknology"? The Man Behind the Curtain's a tad too visible here.

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...but he apparently turned the whole damned crew by putting some bactine on their mental owies...

STV is a wretched, unfocused story that meanders all over the place before zeroing in on a trite cliché summation. All the illogic, pratfalls and TV movie VFX are just more dead weight on an already sagging structure. The foundation is rotten. You can't fix it without rebuilding it.

The only thing that makes it remotely watchable is the chemistry between the three leads.
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