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Re: Batman/Superman Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson

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I've never been to keen on the idea of the novelization of superheroes. It's not that they're crap, but superheroes have always worked, at least to me, best in the visual medium of comics. When Superman's cape flutters in the breeze, you don't want to read two or three sentences describing it. You want to see a top notch artist illustrate it.

That's always the challenge, but you can try to compensate by emphasizing the other senses, the ones that comic books can't convey. What does it feel like to flame on? Can Superman feel that breeze against his face? What does Darkseid's voice sound like? What does Gotham City smell like? Does heat-vision burn when it hits you?

Prose also gives you the opportunity to try to get into the characters' heads more. In theory, at least.
That's what thought clouds and narration boxes are for. JMS used it with tremendous effect in his run of Spider-Man.
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