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I loved Carrie, The Shining and Pet Sematary.

I gave up on him in the middle of Cujo. I just couldn't stand reading about that woman's whiney annoying life any more. Subsequent books of his I've tried seemed to go on in the same annoyingly meandering way, so I haven't read him since.

Has he gotten the old fire back?
He actually mentioned in his book about writing (which is really, really, really good) that he has absolutely no memory of writing Cujo as it was during the peak of his drinking days.

For what that's worth.

As for King, I've always been a huge admirer of his work. It doesn't always come together, but the best of his writing is the work of a guy who truly seems to love what he does for a living and truly believes in the power a great story can have. He is absolutely the product of his own interests and to me has made a career out of trying to make people react to his work the way he reacted to the writers he loved.

I'm not sure that makes sense.

I truly think he will get more credit from the more prestigious corners of the literary world as time goes on.

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