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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Wouldn't want to make you more jealous than you already are!
Sorry, but you crossed a line this time. I won't take lectures on being a "fan" from a glory hunting armchair like you.
Pffft, you wankers living on that island don't realize how easy you have it and take your football for granted. If you're like me and others and living in a place where no one gives a toss about football and half a world away, you'd realize that you've got to work for it. You've got to pay incredibly high monthly fees for a channel that actually shows games, and even then there's no guarantee they show your club. You've got to sacrifice sleep and get up at 6am to watch it, while on that rock you live on you guys are going to the afternooners after jerking off all morning. Only the dingiest, most disgusting pubs show these games, so while we're eating food that's in violation of several health code regulations and flat beer from rusty pipes, you're sitting there eating your shrimp sandwhiches and drinking your white wine spritzers. And forget about seeing highlites on the television afterwards, they show women's volleyball instead.

So just remember, while you're living the easy life watching your failure of a team lose, there's people that are actually working hard to just see a tiny bit of football half a world away. Try to not take it for granted like you already do. We are the downtrodden, always remember that.

So yeah, you'll take lectures from me and you'll like it, Arsenal "fan".
All I know is thank fucking God for Karl Marx.

Do not take that as an indication that I believe in God or I will notify the moderators.

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