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Re: Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series

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Excellent work. Riker has the beard back?

Can I request some shots of the crew on the bridge of the Titan? Has anyone drawn the Titan's bridge yet?

I've seen pictures of the design of the Titan, which I like. Would love to see you tackle it as well, if you can do ships.

Again, great work!
I created my vision of the Titan's Bridge a while back.

This is nothing official.

here is link to it. Feel free to toon it up if you like.

Federation Version

Mirror Universe Version.

It's funny because I remember using your bridge design as a mental model when writing SoD. Some people were asking why Ailli had a co-pilot or co-navigator and I was like "There are two chairs and two consoles. Sean won the contest so there must be two stations there."

As you can see from the wallpaper, I'm nowhere near as good at machines as figures and will probably be too lazy to devote the necessary time to a serious bridge shot.

But, who knows?

This is actually a lot of fun for me so I might get brave.
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