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For all its burps, bumps, and flaws : The Dark Tower. Its just too comprehensive for me to not admire the hell out of it.

Least fave : Storm Of The Century. It just seems that, once the evil came, all hope for beating/outwitting it was done. The villain did not seem to be lying about his threats, and his powers left them nothing but the worst choices. Was it their chosen isolation they were being punished for? It seemed like too much modern horror, a bad end for the sake of a bad end. Bad ends in and of themselves don't throw me, mind you. While horrific, the end of The Mist film was a logical outcome to understandable panic and fear. Even downer end manga like Devilman have a point to make. In 'Storm', I just could not see that point. I understand he novelized the script, maybe it shows deeper reasons for it all, but I have no desire to check it.
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