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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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Well, he can hardly claim that he supports his local team, can he ?
You know there are times I wish I could not support my local team I do admire many teams like Man Utd and Aston Villa but draw the line at calling myself a fan of them (I admire there play style and players). I know some people say it doesn't matter that you don't support your local team but I was brought up in believing you should (or your dads team...both apply to my choice of Forest )

As for the money talk line Garak, Man City disagress with you on that and with an inadequte youth system, eventually MR ROMAN will get bored if Chelsea who have won only 1 cup in the past 2 years despite being the original billionaire club, carry on being outdone by the other true bigger clubs Its amazing how when other clubs caught up with your 'S that they began beating you again .

I guess money only talks when you use it properly to build a foundation like Fergie and not quick glory.
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