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Duma Key, his most recent novel, is his best, I feel. It touched me like few books are able to: it made me laugh, shout with joy, become terrified and brought tears to my eyes. Obviously, King knows his horror but I feel he knows how to do so much more than scare you.
I wasn't able to finish it. I accidently read ahead, saw who died, and couldn't bring myself to continue. I'll get back around to it eventually... it's just so heartbreaking.

Favorite? Least favorite (Bag of Bones in my case)?
Favourite King works are The Stand, The Regulators, It, Desperation on the longer side, The Mist and The Long Walk from his shorter pieces. I love how he builds living, breathing communities with such ease... then tears the living hell out of them. Least favourites are pieces like The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and From A Buick 8, which were stories that basically went nowhere. Oh, and Road Work, which was simply so boring I gave up on it altogether after the first forty pages or so.

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