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^That's true, although his actions were an important cause of the two wars Prussia fought to see through the dream of German unification. Then again, JFK is in part responsible for the American involvement in Vietnam, widely regarded as a mistake today.

What about Bismarck's sister Tirpitz? All her namesake did was oversee the arms race between Britain and Germany that (in small part) helped lead to WWI and act as a vocal proponent of unrestricted submarine warfare, but he appeared to be a fundamentally okay guy, and definitely so by the standards of his time--he just wanted to protect his country and win the war. Decent memoir writer, as well.

But how must the denizens of the 24th century see either? Or John F. Kennedy, for that matter?

It's funny, we don't see any names from either the Kaiserliche Marine, the Deutsche Kriegsmarine, or the modern Deutsche Marine, but we see lots of names from the Royal Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy names (or for that matter USN names)--all of which enforced policies surely as at odds to the far more enlightened Starfleet ethos. It's kind of strange that the UFP Starfleet decided to memorialize what to them must be the instrumentality of imperialism, militarism, and ultimately much human suffering. How many people starved on account of the Royal Navy's existence in World War I? How many died on account of the Imperial Japanese Navy's ability to transport troops in World War II? How many people were hurt by the names Bellerophon and Yamato?

I guess the idea is that all such divisions have been reconciled within United Earth and later the United Federation of Planets, but it's almost like the USN naming our newest CV the U.S.S. Jefferson Davis.

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