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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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The episode starts out in the holodeck, which I assumed meant that Tom was trying to fix it after the whole grid was overloaded in the last episode, but apparently not. Then Shmully shows up complaining that Tom hasn't been spending any time in sickbay over the last few weeks, which I assumed would lead to a comment about sickbay being blowed up real good last week, but that didn't happen. Then it is revealed that Tom is now obsessed with repairing a 20th century car, which I assumed would somehow be tied into him being trapped in that 20th century setting last week, but no he is just being an obsessive ass. By the time we got to sickbay half way through the episode and saw that it was in the same pristine condition it was in before being blowed up real good... I was disappointed. At that point I realised it must have been a production goof and that this episode was produced at a different time and placed here as a mistake, so I checked the production number and was shocked to see that the episode is exactly where it should be.

Considering the events of the past two episodes, I've deducted a whole star from this episode's score for completely ignoring one of the major events of this series. I can understand them wanting to forget that space nazis ever happened, but I don't think that is what happened here.

I must confess that I never liked Tom Paris and one of the surprising things about this rewatch is that I actually find him quite likable (not including the times he makes sarcastic comments on the bridge). Seeing this episode again made me realise that the reason I've disliked him for so long is almost entirely based on this episode where for no apparent reason he is portrayed as a lazy and annoying jerk. That should make him my role-model you say, and I respond by calling you cheeky and dying a little inside.

I didn't like the episode, I didn't like Tom's characterisation, I didn't like how Tom solved a 24th century technology problem with his knowledge of 20th century automobiles (although my understanding of 17th century stage-coaches has proved very useful in my IT jobs), and I don't like seeing Bulldog with hair. It's just wrong.
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