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Re: Important/Popular Comic Stories Not in TPB

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Miracleman. Most of Keith Giffen's Justice League run. Iirc his Legion run is also not collected, but I was never a big LoSH guy, so I haven't looked in a while.
Are the legal battles over Miracleman settled now, where they could release TPBs?

As far as Justice League, the Giffen era is being collected in TPB, volume 4 came out in March in hardcover. So the issues through #30 have been collected.

I think only The Great Darkness Saga has been collected for Legion, but I am a fan of the "5 Years Later Legion" from the late 80's and early 90's and would love to see those collected. However, seeing as how DC is trying (again) to settle on one version of the Legion and Geoff Johns brought back the late 70's early 80's Legion, from a point before the 5YL Legion, I doubt DC would be willing to put out a TPB. It's a shame because they really were good stories and a unique take on the super-hero comic format.
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