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There's also the way the show allowed other "minor" characters ti get some development too, and that the leader figure didn't have the same kind of arrogance that say Picard or Janeway had,
Much as i prefer DS9 to the other shows, this isn't necessarily a plus. A good story derives from the characters themselves - memo this to JJ Abrams if you like - & both TOS & TNG derived their best stories from the very different arrogances of Kirk & Picard. The lack of a fatal flaw in Sisko limited the development of that character seriously; & explains why he appears to be missing in the early seasons. Cf this with the way the writers went to town with Kira's xenophobic tendencies during the same period & you'll see what i mean

(The problem with Janeway is not that she's arroagnt; but that the writers didn't have the guts to tell good stories based on that arrogance. That's the secret reason - everyone knows the obvious reason - why the addition of Seven helped the show; but as all the best TNG writers (sans Braga) had jumped Voyager to do DS9, even that buzz wore out more quickly than it should have)
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