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Re: That's not MY ship...!

M.Robison wrote: View Post
I always thought Ferengi ships looked like horseshoe crabs...
Aye, twas on purpose.

Skywalker wrote: View Post
I like the JJprise better than the original or the refit. Except for Main Engineering.
I'm sorry to say: I'm getting there.

(And with a name like "Skywalker" saying you like the JJ isn't helping those "Star Wars" conspiracy theories, me amigo... )

Skywalker wrote: View Post
The Enterprise-E is still my favorite of the bunch, though. The one from First Contact, that is, before they got all "let's put torpedo launchers everywhere!" with it.
The *single* things I liked about the Nemesis version were the changes to the nacelle struts - the increase in incline and the addition of phaser strips to cover those blind spots.

Skywalker wrote: View Post
On that note, I like the design of the Akira class a lot, but whoever came up with the idea of putting all those torpedo launchers on it needs to be smacked upside the head.
Sadly, the designer and the torpedo-equipper were one in the same, none other than Alex Jaeger.
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