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Re: Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor - Review&Discussion **SPOILERS**

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Because of the reviews, I was ready for it to be worse than it was, and it certainly wasn't great. "Decent" is my verdict.
Bingo. I see this same statment all the time about the 'net. When are people going to trust their own instinct and see movies they want to see. If your gut has you curious then go.

The FRAK with critics.

Now go on, see Wolverine or Terminator if you want. Don't wait a year cause some critics or a minority of fanboys is moaning about them.
I don't think a minority is moaning about the last two. Some people think Wolverine is okay, but a lot of people (including every single one of my friends) think Terminator is crap.

I also really didn't like the last Mummy movie. There was absolutely no character development, and I think the absence of Rachel Weiss really hurt it. She was the main reason I liked the first two movies.
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