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Thanks for the welcomes everyone.

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One thing I think DS9 has in common with TOS more so than the other Trek shows is that both TOS and DS9 were ahead of their time. There are episodes of DS9 that feel almost prophetic: the themes of infiltration, resistance, terrorism, religious fanaticism, the sacrifice of ideals in a time of war... the list goes on.
I think I'd have to agree with that, as it's something I noticed myself more recently. I was a fairly avid watcher while the show was on, but more recently I've purchased the DVDs thanks to the discount deal had going on. When I first watched, the first couple of seasons always seemed to boring to me, but watching them as an adult has given me a new appreciation for what they were trying to do. Sure, not all of them were good ("Move Along Home" comes to mind here), but I could see that they were already trying to be a deeper show by the themes they were exploring, with the occasional fun episode to balance things out.

I am personally content with DS9 being the somewhat neglected gem that it is. There is a line from the LotR that I like a lot and that applies here imo (I am paraphrasing Legolas in the novel): "A great deed was the walking of the Paths of the Dead, and great it shall remain, though there be no one left to sing of it."
I'd have to disagree here, DS9 deserves better than what it's gotten. It was certainly one of the first shows I can think of that really did multi-episode stories, and the way it addressed actions or inactions taken by the characters was head and shoulders above the rest. There's also the way the show allowed other "minor" characters ti get some development too, and that the leader figure didn't have the same kind of arrogance that say Picard or Janeway had, and didn't have the same sense of entitlement to him Archer had. The kind of quality this show had needs more exposure in my opinion.

Sometimes things that are great are just great all by themselves, whatever recognition or lack thereof they may have at a given moment. Naturally there are of course lots of people who recognize that DS9 was great, but on some level it doesn't really matter how many. It was what it was, and I'm personally glad I'm among those that appreciate how great this show was at its best.
True; I for one don't need anyone to agree with me about a show or movie in order to like it or feel validated, but I do still wish more people would notice the show. Quotes like the one from Entertainment Weekly which say it was "the best show on television no one noticed" really hit home for me.

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Why not pin this thread as our welcome thread, PKTrekGirl? Some of the other shows have one, so we might as well join in.
A pinned intro thread could never hurt any forum so newbies like me can get used to the idea of posting in a forum before venturing further inside, so to speak.
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