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Re: Could Star Trek V be salvaged

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When Paramount went to create a new "special collector's edition" of this film for DVD, Shatner reportedly wanted to go back and re-do some things. He wanted to fix the special effects and perhaps create the ending he'd originally intended for the film.
At the time, I was all for it... but after having watched this film again, I think the studio made the right choice in denying Bill's request. Simply put, no amount of money, tweaks and changes could save this film.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Special Collector's Edition - 1989 (2003) review

He has a point but they never did a director's cut including with the Blu-ray Motion Picture Collection.
Will Shatner do a STV:TFF Director's Cut in 2014 or so when they put out the next edition of Trek films out on Blu-ray?
Also remember there was also a studio workers strike or some kind of strike going on at the time so that affected the work. They had to get non-union workers who knew virtually nothing about the motion picture business to do a lot of the work out on location in the desert. Lots of things out of Shatner's control affected the movie so he is not to get the entire blame. Yes, money and tweaks would have saved this film and saved it royally.
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