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I would name it USS Спутник (Sputnik) why do they have to be named in english anyway? I think it would be a cool tribute to name it after the first Earth-orbiting artificial satellite, this would be an early pre TOS era starship, Daedalus class.
There was a U.S.S. Soyuz, but probably not the U.S.S. Sovyetsky Soyuz, although presumably that'd be at least as appropriate as the U.S.S. Yamato. I'd like to see a U.S.S. Vostok, Gagarin, and maybe a Mir.

Obviously, I also like U.S.S. Revenge, named after the Revenge-class Royal Navy battleship that fought at Jutland and the Resolution-class Royal Navy SSBN in service until 1994 or 1995.

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