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special features on SCE and series

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"ST:Nemesis" came out in December 2002 and since then feature-length documentaries of making-of the films have become pretty regular on DVD 2-disc editions.
When I wrote that a month ago I hadn't seen the Trek Special Collector Editions starting with Generations in 1993-94 when Paramount had a lot of behind-the-scenes shot on the set for promotional & features on Laserdiscs/DVD releases.

I've seen the Generations SCE, First Contact SCE, Insurrection SCE, and Nemesis SCE, and STII:TWOK SCE and they've done great jobs with them with the exception of STII due to lack of behind-the-scenes footage and the bad production quality on the interviews on the special features.
I can say after viewing Nemesis SCE that the behind the scenes in 2002 on exteriors with the 'dune buggy' look like they were shot on analog Betacam SP video format which was still pretty popular then as a video format. Some of the other interviews and footage look like it were shot on Digital Betacam in 16:9 widescreen.
I've added a bunch of the final discs from Netflix now for Deep Space 9 and Voyager to see the special features as well as STV:TFF, STIV:TVH, STIII:TSFS, and the last disc from all 7 season of TNG.

The Paramount/CBS DVD style has been to have separate feature sections instead of a 1-hour documentary but some movie DVDs have chosen to breakup the documentaries into a number of parts anyway.

As far as the quality all of the behind-the-scenes on ST:XI should be high definition and have that immediacy that HD can give. Their costumes should really show the detail in the fabric's texture in HD during on-set interviews.
Hopefully the deleted scenes won't have the producers's name on them as the producers VHS tape of the deleted scenes like Nemesis SCE but be in HD.
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