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Re: Batman/Superman Enemies and Allies Kevin J. Anderson

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I did enjoy The Last Days of Krypton, but I just don't feel a need to pick up Enemies and Allies. The first meeting of Superman and Batman in John Byrne's Man of Steel comic series was well done, and I'm not nostalgic for 1950's sci-fi.
I finished the book on the flight to Manila, and it's hardly 50s sci-fi even though it plays with the Red Scare that was part of those flicks.

I enjoyed the novel, but felt the writing was a bit too ready-made in terms of description and character insights, certainly not as refined as Tom DeHaven's prose in It's Superman. Moreover, I thought the endgame was too much of a riff and telegraphed so much that it was hardly a twist.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Bond-esque aspect of the plot and style, something that KJA calls himself out on throughout the book. I also like how it tied into The Last Days of Krypton a bit and touched upon a great deal of the aspects of both the Superman and Batman mythos.

While not the Earth-2 Superman or Golden Age Superamn, this was the closest interpretation since The New Frontier and It's Superman to my two favorite iterations of the Man of Steel.
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