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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

GodBen wrote: View Post
Only epic? I must not being trying hard enough, I hoped it was Sub Zero.
That's two words.

Week 4: (Ending 10.17.93)
TNG: Gambit, Part I (Airdate 10.11.93)
DS9: Invasive Procedures (Airdate 10.17.93)

Mercenary week!

Geez, another tough one. TNG manages to break mold here, which is quite refreshing. After all, when was the last time we saw Data in full command of the Enterprise for such an extended length of time? NEVER, that's when! The pirate ship stuff was pretty good, with Picard playing rogue (and I think he even enjoys it a little too) and Riker's involvement only adds to the intrigue. As usual, TNG executes a solid first half of a two-parter.

DS9 was no slouch this week either. Everyone was involved to some degree, which is tough to do in a stand-alone single-plot episode. And even the guest stars turned in strong memorable showings (especially so Glover's two turns as Verad and Verad Dax). The whole 'abandoned station' atmosphere was wonderfully creepy too.

Which one wins then? Um... DS9, for a single reason: TNG's cliffhanger. For some reason, that cliffhanger felt off-kilter and, well, silly. It reminds me of an old cartoon serial that would leave off on an impossible cliff-hanger. "Look out!" -followed by the world exploding, or something; TNG's cliff-hangers are usually a little more subtle than that. DS9, on the other hand, had a strong dramatic conclusion to its episode. I'll take that any day.

Weekly Winner:

TNG - Gambit, Part II
DS9 - Cardassians
DS9 Versus
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