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Huh, surprised there aren't more reviews on here. Anyway, I really enjoyed it, even though I was kinda hoping it would be even MORE wild and outrageous and off-the-wall that it was.

I appreciate that Raimi was trying to tell a real, fleshed-out story with real characters (a rarity in horror movies nowadays), but somehow the movie felt a little TOO subdued and grounded. I really wanted to see him go a lot crazier, and throw all kinds of weird shit at the screen. Unfortunately though, most of the scares came either from shadows or from the old woman popping up out of nowhere-- which, well, started to get a bit old after awhile (although the attack in the parking garage was absolute BRILLIANCE). And the fact all the craziness was limited only to the girl was a bit disappointing too.

And as great as most of Raimi's direction was, his twist ending was made PAINFULLY obvious, and really undercut (at least for me) the entire last act of the movie. I would have expected him to disguise that a lot better than he did.

Still though, there was a lot of fun stuff in here, and I definitely had a good time overall. If you're a Raimi fan (and judging from the excited reactions at seeing the Evil Dead car, there were a lot of them in my theater ), you should check it out.

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