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Re: That's not MY ship...!

I wouldn't say it made it "Star Wars-y" per se... but there are two big problems for me with all those torpedo launchers from "Nemesis." One is that in TNG-era Trek we know that a single torpedo launcher can fire multiple torpedoes at once, so that would seem to decrease the benefit of multiple launchers. The second is that many of those launchers are in locations where it would seem difficult to load the torpedoes into them.

Also, you must remember that the E already not only had the main "turret" that fires the quantorps (and IIRC, it was the original notion that the turret was the only place that could, due to whatever special requirements the quantorps imposed) but two launchers forward below the deflector and two aft, at the bottom of the secondary hull undercut. "Insurrection" also suggests another one on the spine of the secondary hull.

I don't mind the changes to the nacelle pylons for "Nemesis" and the additional phasers, but I still think the torpedo launchers and the blending between the saucer and secondary hull back around shuttlebay one was a bit much.
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