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Re: That's not MY ship...!

Thread necromancy!!! Thanks, Aneas.

Too Much Fun wrote: View Post
Am I the only one who liked the Enterprise E better than the Enterprise D? A lot of people here seem to be against it. I was immediately impressed upon seeing the new uniforms and new ship when I watched "Star Trek: First Contact" for the first time (hadn't seen DS9 yet at that point) and thought they were huge improvements over what had come before on TV. People say the E started looking ugly in Insurrection and Nemesis, but I don't remember those movies well enough to decide whether I agree. All I know is that I thought it was a lot cooler and more appropriate-looking for the big screen when it was introduced in "Star Trek: First Contact".
I was actually very, very excited at the time. I remember buying a Trek magazine just to read details about the E, that only had one tiny picture. I was unhappy that the D had been destroyed, but I thought the E looked good when I first saw it in FC. However, something still felt a little off and I couldn't figure out what. Still, I enjoyed the movie so I paid little attention. Then, I was underwhelmed by the quality of the CGI effects in "Insurrection" and noticed more that things felt off. By the time "Nemesis" rolled around (and it got it's horrible face-lift ) I finally realized that it just didn't feel like TNG.

Later, I developed problems with the way the ship was actually introduced and the problems it creates with the dynamics of the crew itself, not unlike the problems I have with TVH. (So the ship blows up, and the crew, the whole crew, save Worf, just gets a new ship? Riight. Makes Starfleet's mistrust in Picard FC a little more well-placed. )

Herkimer Jitty really nails it for me:
Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
I guess I do have a bit of an attachment to the Enterprise-D as something more than a ship. I grew up with TNG on syndication in the 90s... I remember going with my dad to see First Contact... one of the few times I remember actually waiting in a line to go to a movie.

I thought the Enterprise-E was cool (at the time anyways) but something bothered me, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Took me a while to realise it, but I missed the Enterprise-D. The -E could never really replace my Enterprise. It was like watching your childhood home get bulldozed and replaced with a flashy nightclub. I certainly relate to many persons who intensley dislike the NuEnterprise for this very reason.
The D was that special ship of my childhood for me, too. So it's really not that I dislike the design or the E itself, it's more that I diliske the way it was introduced and dislike why it was created, because without the ship, it didn't felt like TNG to me. I'm one who was always fascinated with machinery - ships, planes, cars, and so forth. I get very protective of my own cars, so I completely get the notion of the crew getting attached to their ship, and I completely see the ship as another character. You lose or change that character, you lose something.

And, even though I've grown to actually like the nuEnterprise (well, the exterior) much more than I ever thought I would, I also completely understand why many people hate it.

James Wright wrote: View Post
I haven't seen the film yet and doubt I will because of some things I've read here and in other threads about the film! In a few posts I've seen referances to a J.J., who is this?
The reason I'll probably not see this film, it seems like someone is rewriting TOS from the beginning!

That's your call, but I would go see it, at least once, if you have the cash to spare. And don't wear your nitpicker's cap. I left mine at home. Also, remember it's not a prequel or rewrite, per se.
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