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Re: Politics/Controversial Topics, Game Threads, Misc FAQ - READ THIS!

^^ Warning for anti-Botswanian rhetoric. Comments to Nigeria.

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Gomme, lemon juice, Bombay Sapphire, soda water.

1:2:3:4, mix well.

Highball glass, plenty of ice, a slice, and a cherry.

(+ a dash of bitters for the really tough threads)
Highballs are dandy, but Twisted Tea is easier. Or something like that.

I'm happy that we're able to have 'controversial' discussions in Misc again. We've had some great discussions in the past, and most people have shown that they are able to debate in a civil and respectful fashion. As long as everybody remembers it's not about conflicting factions, but rather the thoughtful exchange of ideas, we'll have some good talks here.
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