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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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How can anyone say season 2 is better than season 3?

Season 2 is easily better than Season 3.
Season Two had some pretty great stuff like "Projections", "The Thaw", "Meld", and "Deadlock", a big wad of passably entertaining but underwhelming episodes like "Cold Fire", "The 37s", "Dreadnought", and "Basics", and rotten turkey episodes like "Twisted" and of course the infamous "Threshold".

Season Three had no hole in the head episodes on the same scale of fail as "Threshold", although the poorly conceived "The Q and the Grey" came close, but most of it was more blander and forgettable, however we had highly entertaining two parters in the form of "Future's End" and "Scorpion". "Before & After" was good for a Kes episode, "The Chut" was a good prison episode that would've fit in well on DS9, while "Distant Origins" wasn't so bad and had a decent stab at Aliens of the Week that weren't just blokes with bumpy foreheads and bad hair styles.
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