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Re: Hello fellow Niners

I'd also like the opportunity to say hello to everyone here. I've just found this bbs due to the new movie.

I've also liked DS9 the best of the later series. I'd watched til about the mid-sixth season on the original run but then went to college and didn't get it finished except seeing an episode here and there. I generally know how it turned out. I've been rewatching it via Netflix and have just started on the fourth season. For the most part I think DS9 consistently got most things right, excellent ensemble cast, good storylines- I always liked the Bajoran and Cardassian ones and was disappointed (read "outraged" at the time) by the introduction of Worf (and new Klingon storylines). Plus I don't think it had a bad season- the first season was certainly a lot better than the first few years of TNG. I've also always thought DS9 seemed underappreciated. I'm glad to find a place where it isn't.

I'm also glad they didn't try to make a movie of it in retrospect. TNG was never well served by the movies. It seemed like the writers forgot that one of the strengths of TNG was the ensemble cast and tried to force it into the mold of a starring actor or two and forgot everyone else. They would have done the same thing with DS9.
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