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To Frazzled's comment: here here, I agree 100% on that one. Even though Endgame still angers me to this day, I think: well there's always fanfiction. And I go on imaging a different ending to the show and I don't feel so bad. The worst thing that bugged me for weeks after Voyager ended was that it left a number of unanswered or unresolved what happens to the Maquis? (I'm sure they all got a full pardon, but I would have liked to have seen it for myself for crying out loud!)
I also didn't understand C/7 either...I remember talking to a friend of mine about two years after the show ended. She was a fan as well(actually I got her interested in it!) and she asked me if Janeway and Chakotay got together in the end..I said NOOOOOOOOO..if anything he got with Seven of Nine. She was like: SEVEN OF NINE?!?!?!?! Tell me you're not kidding! So suffice to say, she didn't like that idea either. I kind of wished they would have left J/C's relationship out in the open a bit and then in one of the Homecoming books, resolved some issues between them. I would have liked that a hell of a lot better and would have been more satisfied.
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