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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Sykonee wrote: View Post
Week 3: (Ending 10.10.93)
TNG: Interface (Airdate 10.04.93)
DS9: The Siege (Airdate 10.10.03)

Alright, something doesn't sit right with me in both these episodes. Allow me to clarify:

Interface: killing Geordi's mother seems gratuitous and out of the blue, but hey, at least there's some good potential character stuff here, right? Er, instead we have an obsessive and downright irritable LaForge tied to a Clever Gimmick (See! Geordie with normal eyes.). There's at least some heart to this episode, but despite losing The Mother The Audience Doesn't Have Any Connection To, we still don't learn anything new about LaForge. Maybe that wasn't the point to the episode, but it feels like a waste for us to not have learned more of him other than what we already know (he's blind, is the Chief Engineer, and seems to be hapless with the ladies). Why else would you kill off a main character's mother otherwise?

The Siege: Really, what was the point of the siege? As much as I enjoy the Circle Trilogy, all the stuff that occurs on the station seems like pointless filler (aside from some good stuff involving Nalas, Sisko, and Krim). The crux of this episode is in delivering the evidence to Bajor, and the Kira-Dax stuff is good fun. Sisko and co. didn't really have to stay behind for those two to carry out their mission, and they'd be invited right back once the evidence was confirmed. I guess the writers wanted to show Sisko was willing to bend the rules and fight for what he believed was right? If that was the case, at least he came away from this with more character development.
You know, I remember being extremely, extremely bored by "Interface" and "The Siege" the first time I watched them. I agree that both episodes have weaknesses, but in subsequent viewings, my love for the former decreased and the latter increased. The only two things "Interface" have going for it are Geordi has something to do and his parents are Madge Sinclair and Ben Vereen.

NCC-1701 wrote: View Post
Yeah, maybe the reason for Sisko to stay was a bit flabby, but I liked to see them crawling through the access tunnels fighting a guerrilla war.
I agree!

Sykonee wrote: View Post
I've a feeling this Descent-Homecoming thing is going to haunt me like a game-changing call haunts a ref.
Nah, as usual GodBen has said it better than I could before I could:

GodBen wrote: View Post
It is your thread and your call, your opinion is just as valid as the opinion of everyone else. It's like the time I gave Coda a 0 score in my Voyager review thread, if I had been in a room with some of the posters they would have thrown rotten vegetables at me, but you have to stick to your guns.
GodBen wrote: View Post
*gets hit by a vegetable* Godsfrakindamnit!! This is my best shirt!

NCC-1701 wrote: View Post
But there were people who stood in front of you. People who tried to protect you from the flying vegetables. People like Praetor and myself.
And I'm highly appreciative, it's good to have backup when you make a drastic decision and Sykonee could do with some support like that.

Not from me though, I've been drinking. Booooooo!! Homecoming was a way better episode. Boooooo!! *throws vegetables*
*stands in front of Sykonee*

Your potatoes... SHALL. NOT! PASS!!!
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