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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Great thread, Sykonee.

I agree with most of your rankings thus far, except for that one B5 win... I never really could get into that show, and think it's somewhat weak compared to Trek... but I digress...

I think The Interface was a pretty strong TNG episode. I've always enjoyed the LaForge-centric episodes, as they really focus on what humanity is capable (I'll never forget the line "A blind man teaching an android to paint" that just about sums up what Trek is about) of even given present-day limitations and handicaps. Finally getting a little more background on his character was very nice, and it's always nice to "see" what he sees. I wish they'd done more of that.

The Siege was good, but I don't think it was as solid as you're saying it was. I don't think that storyline needed 3 episodes to do what it did... but they were trying to reel in viewers, so I don't blame them.

I really think just solely on individual episode quality, that The Interface had better performances, and was a better "Trek" episode than The Siege.

Other than that great job so far, I'm anxious to see the outcome tomorrow. Both two great episodes with great Trek elements in them.

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