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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

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Really, what was the point of the siege?
The point was to stop the Circle from taking over the control of the station, I guess. If Sisko and his people would have left the station with their families and Kira would have failed to deliver the evidence to the Chamber of Ministers, then the station would be in the hands of the Circle. Sisko didn't want that to happen. What, that doesn't seem logical enough ... ?

Yeah, maybe the reason for Sisko to stay was a bit flabby, but I liked to see them crawling through the access tunnels fighting a guerrilla war.

GodBen wrote: View Post
It's like the time I gave Coda a 0 score in my Voyager review thread, if I had been in a room with some of the posters they would have thrown rotten vegetables at me, but you have to stick to your guns.
But there were people who stood in front of you. People who tried to protect you from the flying vegetables. People like Praetor and myself.

GodBen wrote: View Post
That being said, The Homecoming was the superior episode.
Of course it was. *throws vegetable at Sykonee*
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