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Re: Hello fellow Niners

One thing I think DS9 has in common with TOS more so than the other Trek shows is that both TOS and DS9 were ahead of their time. There are episodes of DS9 that feel almost prophetic: the themes of infiltration, resistance, terrorism, religious fanaticism, the sacrifice of ideals in a time of war... the list goes on.

I am personally content with DS9 being the somewhat neglected gem that it is. There is a line from the LotR that I like a lot and that applies here imo (I am paraphrasing Legolas in the novel): "A great deed was the walking of the Paths of the Dead, and great it shall remain, though there be no one left to sing of it."

Sometimes things that are great are just great all by themselves, whatever recognition or lack thereof they may have at a given moment. Naturally there are of course lots of people who recognize that DS9 was great, but on some level it doesn't really matter how many. It was what it was, and I'm personally glad I'm among those that appreciate how great this show was at its best.

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