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Re: EP: Ethics a what if

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Klingons don't have multiple organs.
Um yes they do. It's called the brak'lul. Klingons possess two livers, an eight-chambered heart, 23 ribs, two stomachs and a double-lined neural pia mater.
Yeah! They're invincible! Come on man, that's such a bad fanboyish retcon after seeing so man klingons bite it from simple wounds. Just look at Star Trek VI and the "one shot one kill" scenes. I'm not debating that this episode said Klingons have redundancies, I'm saying its dumb and contradicts everything before it.
When haven't they contradicted themselves? Just look at Voyager and Janeway's backstory. Klingon blood goes from pink to red. The Klingon Homeworld will be dead in 50 years (TUC) yet is still around in the TNG timeframe.

In short it comes from an episode so it's real (unless Roddenberry or TPTB said it isn't and they haven't).
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