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Introducing Star Trek Excalibur

Hi There Folks,

I am here today to introduce everyone to Star Trek Excalibur. Please do not consider this message spam - it is a legimate message to let people know about what we are doing.

My name is Zach and I represent the team of Star Trek Excalibur at

Star Trek Excalibur is an upcoming Star Trek Fan Game which is being developed by a team of 20+ programmers, designers, 3D Model Artists, Texture Artists, Sound Artists etc and have currently been in development for around 2 years.

Excalibur originally started out as a total modification for Bridge Commander however we quickly ran into the age-related limitations of this game and decided to team up with NanoByte (creator of NanoFX for Bridge Commander) to develop Excalibur as a brand new game using his next-generation graphics engine as a base (NanoFX-Evolved

Some of the features of Excalibur will include:
  • A full single player campaign.
  • Interior and Exterior Ship Views!
  • Walk around your ship and explore key locations in first person view.
  • Land on or beam down to planets or even enemy ships for certain missions!
  • Truly next generation engine incorporating highly realistic graphics, dynamic lighting, dynamic shows, HDR Lighting, Physics, Python scripting for easy mod-ability and much more. Full feature list available here.
Here are a selection of screenshots from our game so you can get an idea of our graphics quality:

We release updates currently every week on our website at with new screenshots and videos. You can check out our youtube at

If you represent a gaming website and would like to request an interview or would like to write an article based on Excalibur, e-mail us at

I will also check back here regularly to answer any questions you might have.

Many Thanks for reading!

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