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Re: Starship Enterprise "Broken Bow" (Alternate version)

Now that I'm up to speed, I offer my gut reactions. it's interesting, but:

-Hernandez is already not doing her job as First Officer. Travis Mayweather is a Rank Insubordination problem waiting to happen (Put there by the Service Chief no less. More on that later). She knows he hates UESPArs, she knows he's already gone out of his way to pick a fight with a group of them, and she's seen for herself that he tries to intimidate them when he's not picking fights, and the closest she's come to doing something about it was saying, "uhh, you know we'll be in a ship full of them, right?" and not joining UESPArs for poker.

Wrong. At some point between the time she first read his service record and the time they boarded - preferably during the instance of their first face to face - she should have looked him directly in the eye and said "I don't care who appointed you to this assignment. Try any of that crap on my ship and I'll bust you so far down in rate that your grandchildren will be washing dishes in the galley." And then if he doesn't listen, she should carry out her threat.

This is the thing. The whole Mayweather situation smacks of the type of writing I hate to see but seems to be epidemic in Trek writing. It's a situation contrived solely to create interpersonal conflict, one that no organization full of people with any kind of common sense would allow to exist. Look at it in real world terms: This is tantamount to the Chief of Staff of the Air Force assigning a violent, prejudiced a-hole to be the pilot of Air Force One, just because he and the a-hole don't like the Shuttle crew accompanying the president. That's insubordination at best, sabotage and treason at worst, and it's done just to make the reader go "Oooh, aahh, what will happen? Oooh, aahhh..."

But it's done, and since it's done, that leaves only two people capable of handling it before it becomes a problem: Archer and Hernandez, and all either of them has done so far is sit there and wonder about it. This situation needs to change, and it's Hernandez's responsibility to change it before Archer has to.

-From what I've read of the description of the ship, the refit didn't go far enough. It started out as a rotational grav ship. You can't just add artificial gravity to it and not reorient the whole interior properly. It's inefficient. Leaving a lift system that has to swing back and forth between levels and leaving piping all over the floors will actually cause more problems than just installing a proper up-and-down decking and lift system.

-On a lighter note, some ideas for Polly's portayer:

Tricia Helfer
Brandy Ledford
Jeri Ryan (why not)
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