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Whatever you do, don't eat during this move. Seriously. Yeah, it's that kind of Raimi film.

I enjoyed it, it was definitely classic Raimi. There was a very high gross-out factor: scenes that you thought, wow, that's kinda gross just kept going....and going. The audience I was with was probably the most interactive I've had for a movie and overall had a good time and a good laugh. You could tell that a lot of them were really surprised by Raimi's style and were not expecting many of the horror scenes to play out the way they did. But it got a lot of laughs and a lot of "eeeeewwwww!"s

Mmmmmm, I'd have to say that I liked Army of Darkness better, but this was a very fun, stylized, classic horror movie. It almost had that 50s or 60s horror movie vibe to it, where the characters try a bit too hard to sell you the plot that's just a little too over-the-top. Does that make sense?

I can see why some people wouldn't like it--it's kinda like a Tarantino film, you either like his style or you don't (in Tarantino's case, I loathe it), and if you don't almost nothing will save the movie for you. So I completely understand why this movie is not going to be for everyone, not even all horror fans. It will, however, be a necessary addition to many fans DVD collections--it's the kind of movie that has a distinct presence in the horror genre. Above all, this movie has style.
Thank god for weird people.
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