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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Bah, Descent II was quite a letdown to me. I don't really think it was that clear that the second part would be "about Lore and Data"... Descent I ended with a recurring antagonist delivery a threat, and quite a significant one. When an antagonist makes a threat like that, you better follow up on it.... Specially if it's the last fraking line of a cliffhanger!
Instead we got Lore and Data fapping around... I saw no worthwile character interaction between them, except their last scene. The rest of the episode Lore was doing pratically nothing and Data was either being an emotion crackwhore and/or "evil".
Nevermind the nonsensical "macguyvering" that occured in that prison cell...puhleaze!

"Homecoming"? It had action, intrigue, drama and very nice character momments. A thousand times better..=P
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