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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Hi, I'm new to this BBS but not to Star Trek. I've been a fan of TOS since I was a kid and caught in in late night reruns in the mid-80s. Saw the fourth movie through the last one in the theater. I stuck through the first few seasons of TNG and was rewarded once the show hit its stride in the 3rd season and kept improving. My favorite post-TOS series is DS9. I thought it did the best with truly using an ensemble cast. I just loved the characters. My big gripe with it was the inclusion of Worf and the Klingons in the 4th season. The Klingons took too much away from the Bajoran and Cardassian stories in my opinion. I am watching right now through Netflix and have just started the 4th season. I never have seen the last season due to going to college.

I could never get into Voyager, plus I had gone off to college by then and didn't have the time and not until recently have I seen any Enterprise episodes. I was prepared to like it when it premiered as it had Scott Bakula in it but was very put off by its being directly marketed to 18 year old boys. Sorry- I still can't imagine Vulcans wearing skin tight uniforms. I did catch the last three eps on Sci-Fi recently and might give it a second chance.

I didn't follow any information about the new movie until I saw a preview for it. I was totally put off and griped to my husband (a fan of the original show who never got past the first season of TNG) how it'd be horrible but we'd have to see it on opening weekend anyway- just so we could know how bad it was. So I went to the movie totally unspoiled- I couldn't have even told you which actors were in it. He, my mom, and I went to see it and halfway through I was totally shocked how good it was. I've been to see it a second time and loved it just as much (I've just told myself to ignore the shaky plot and the Romulans). What made it work was the interaction/chemistry of the actors and the eye to detail for me.

It has totally gotten me back interested in the series a lot more. In fact, I've gone back and been rewatching TOS which I haven't really done since the early 90s. I was first thrown off by how low-tech it looks now in comparison to the new series (it didn't seem that low-tech when I was a kid *g*) but what made it was the chemistry between the actors and some decent stories.

Didn't intend to write a book here- I just have my old Star Trek enthusiasm back.
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